Posted on 3/27/2012 10:57 PM

3SDL staff braved unseasonably rainy conditions in Australia recently, delivering training to both government and industry students.

The following is an extract from  the latest Australian/NZ Chapter of the IDLSoc Newsletter:

Australian Chapter of the IDLSoc holds first Tactical Data Link (TDL) Master Class for 2012This informative training session covered TDL acquisition, integration and testing that attracted 55 Defence and Industry delegates. Ms Cate Coleman (Tactical Information Exchange Integration Office Chief Engineer) provided an opening brief into Australian Defence TDL integration and testing processes across the capability life cycle. Mr Dibble Clark of 3SDL provided great insight into the issues and pitfalls when defining TDL requirements.  Dibble also explained details and options for acquiring, integrating and/or upgrading TDL systems. This session also discussed the issue of trading TDL requirements and managing industry and customer expectations.   Mr Tom Vart, also of 3SDL, showed his experience by providing great insight into the processes to effectively test and evaluate systems with a TDL capability.  Tom's brief concluded with an overview into the various tools and applications available from Industry.  The training session was finished with an overview on where typical problems tend to occur within TDL and C2 systems.  The master-class was well received by all the delegates.  

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