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Technical Acquisition Support

In order to remain competitive and effective, your future security solutions will undoubtedly be both technical and complex in nature. The latest sensor technology, proven and robust, coupled with secure networking and centralised monitoring and management will keep your staff and assets safe and the management of risks informed, measured and predictive.

Patterns of life, be it human or wildlife, weather and climate, engineering performance; all these factors feed into a comprehensive awareness of what is happening. The ability to reach forward and backwards on a global scale, moving information to where it is best managed, manipulated and stored, will make your business safer and more efficient.

Often leveraging off of the proven military and counter terrorist technologies, we understand how to identify and acquire the most appropriate solution in a timely manner, saving you time and money.

From concept, through requirements capture and competition, to testing, acceptance and training, 3SDL Security Solutions offers you pragmatic, flexible and effective support.

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