Test Equipment Evaluation

Knowing where to turn to select the best equipment for a job is something that most of us will experience in our lives. It is no different when equipment is needed for the testing of your system. However, help is at hand, as 3SDL can help you evaluate test equipment due to firsthand experience on proven projects, therefore we can see past the sales jargon that often comes with the territory.

Test equipment can fall into the following categories:

  • Equipment used to stimulate an event
  • The tools that are needed to record data and perform data reduction
  • The analysis tools that are vital to confirm whether the test was successful in meeting its pass/fail criteria

3SDL have the practical experience to guide you through this complex area to ensure that you understand the test equipment available and more importantly that you select the right tool for the job.

Click here for an example of how we supported our Swiss customer in selecting the right tool for the job.


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