Test Methods

Are you responsible for ensuring that the most robust and cost-effective testing method is applied to your system? Do you need help in understanding the various testing techniques that are available to you? Do you need to ensure that your system is fit for purpose?

Test methods can include visual inspection, simulation, laboratory tests, live trials on test ranges, end user trials in operational environments and experimentation tests. It goes without saying that it is of great importance to understand the right test method to apply to your system.

At 3SDL we have been helping our customers define the testing method to be employed on their systems, through all phases of the project lifecycle and thereby ensuring compliance to the Verification and Validation Requirements Matrix.

Click here for a case study of how we successfully helped our Norwegian customer to apply the right testing method during its NORGIL project.

Our experienced team are standing by to help you apply the right testing method to your system during its lifecycle.


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