Test Plan Procedures

Understanding what requires testing is one thing, writing it down so that the test team participants can follow the test schedules and understand what the test objectives are is an art in itself. The 3SDL team are leading experts in the field of producing test plan procedures and have written procedures for conducting testing on numerous platforms and projects, including Tornado F3, Sea Harrier FA2, FA-18, F-16 and International Command & Control Systems, to name but a few.

Are you unsure of what to specify in your test plan procedures documentation? From our experience we can tell you that the minimum amount of information that your testing documentation needs in order to perform a successful test execution is as follows.

  • Your test objectives
  • Scope of your testing effort
  • Methodology that your team will use to conduct the test effort
  • Hardware and Software configurations of your system and participating assets
  • Tools required for your test
  • Scope of your analysis effort
  • Risk factors
  • Your individual test schedules


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