Verification & Validation Requirements Matrix

Are you tasked with providing traceability from requirements to the relevant testing and trials results? Or maybe you’ve heard of a Verification and Validation Requirements Matrix (VVRM) and are not quite sure as to the level of detail that you need to provide? If so, we can help you overcome this challenge because at 3SDL we can help you understand what is required.

One of the main characteristics of a VVRM is to provide the means to manage verification with a definition of each of your various test stages against specific requirements. It will form the basis for decisions on acceptance and should include the following:

  • User and System Requirements
  • Evidence and information (Test type, test results)
  • Acceptance criteria and recommendation
  • Responsibilities
  • Progress and key milestones

Determination of V&V criteria in consultation with stakeholders is a matter of deciding what confidence in satisfaction of the requirement is required, and thereby what class of test method is appropriate to deliver that level of confidence. Our experienced personnel at 3SDL will help you make informed decisions at all test stages of your VVRM.


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