Acquisition Management & Support

A successful technical acquisition project requires careful management of requirements, time and cost. Are you struggling to understand how your platforms will interact with others or how new technology will integrate into an existing platform? Concerned with how your business case will pass the next level of scrutiny? Worried about how your project will be accepted into service?

3SDL's clients have all faced these issues and many more; we have helped them to meet these challenges and succeed. Our team of experienced acquisition experts really understand how the following are fundamental to your success:

Here at 3SDL we tackle these areas on a daily basis for clients around the world. We can bring the latest technical knowledge, operational experience and acquisition expertise to your assistance.

Click here to read how we helped the UK Tactical Data Link Delivery Team procure the Combat ID Server using an agile requirements management methodology.


To discuss how we can help you in similar ways, please contact Jonathan Burton or call him on +44(0)1684 878185.