C4 & Battle Management

Need support with your Command, Control, Communications and Computers (C4)? Experiencing issues with what you require from your Battle Management (BM) project? Then you will appreciate the support provided by 3SDL. A majority of our team are drawn from military backgrounds and have consummate operational experience in C4 and BM. We have a proven track record in applying this experience and expertise across the concept demonstrator, design/operational test and evaluation, exercise and operational arenas.

We have the ability to facilitate your pathway to operational success, aptly demonstrated by our continued work in Empire Challenge. 3SDL staff have been operating in pivotal C4/BM roles since 2009, having first taken part in this key ISTAR event in 2006, and every year since!

We also have experience in whole-life support of technology demonstration projects including the design and execution of the programme’s C4/BM requirements. Thus, if you need motivated, qualified, security cleared personnel to resolve any issues that are affecting you or your project, contact us.

Click here to read how we successfully helped in the Empire Challenge, a Coalition ISR/ISTAR Integration Event involving the US, Canadian, Australian and UK Armed Forces.


To find out how our ISTAR Subject Matter Expert team can help you please email or call us on +44 (0)1684 878170.