Combat ID

Combat Identification (Combat ID) is not a particular system but the product of a number of different information sources combined to produce a single picture of the battle-space.

Combat ID helps create an accurate and timely picture of friendly force locations. You need to harness and exploit the information held within existing military networks and generated by a range of technologies. Combat ID will help you achieve this goal.

At 3SDL we have been at the forefront of proving the concept of a Combat ID Server which pulls together and shares information from a range of TDLs, Friendly Force tracking systems and command and control systems to aid tactical and operational situational awareness.

3SDL’s Combat ID team includes engineers and operators who can help you achieve your goal of integrating and exploiting Combat ID systems and technology to improve shared situational awareness.

Click here to find out how we successfully supported the UK Ministry of Defence in the Combat ID Server programme.

Click here to watch a video clip showing how we employed novel acquisition techniques to assist the UK Ministry of Defence in developing its Combat Identification Server programme.


To find out how we can help you contact Jonathan Burton or call him on +44(0)1684 878185.