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3SDL'S CESMO Hub at NATO Electronic Warfare Trial in Czech Republic

Client: NATO Electronic Warfare trial Contract Date: 2016

3SDL recently attended Collaborative Electronic Support Measures Operations (CESMO) Trial (CT16) in the Czech Republic to support, configure, test and analyse CESMO Hub software in a live operational environment. CT16 centred on a number of NATO nations using specialist CESMO (STANAG 4658 compliant) software to exchange networked Electronic Warfare (EW) information.

3SDL's CESMO Hub software and its staff were integral to the success of the trial, with the team providing on-site technical support to CESMO Hub software users and a secure satellite communications (SATCOM) capability. The trial demonstrated the capability of the CESMO Hub software to interpret and integrate data from a wide range of EW sensors into a single network, providing accurate position information on potentially hostile emitters and improving users' shared Situation Awareness (SA).

The SATCOM link provided and managed by 3SDL ensured that representatives of other NATO nations were able to seamlessly share their CESMO data over secure networks with partners located in disparate countries. This was accomplished by exchanging CESMO data over a Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) Link 16 Tactical Data Link (TDL) Joint Range Extension Application Protocol (JREAP)) connection between airborne and ground platforms, thereby demonstrating the power of CESMO Hub in improving overall SA for Users. Network interconnectivity is displayed in the diagram.

In addition to providing an essential SATCOM service for the duration of the trial, 3SDL also successfully engaged with members of the CESMO Hub User community to discuss and understand the future needs and direction of the software, whilst monitoring and analysing its performance in a live operational environment. Work undertaken by 3SDL during trials such as CT16 helps to ensure that CESMO Hub software continues to deliver accurate near-real-time electronic surveillance data to its user community as efficiently as possible.

If you are interested about learning more about CESMO in a more hands-on manner, we offer an introduction to the CESMO concept in the form of the Co-Operative ESM Essentials Training Course

CESMO Hub Diagram