Case Study: Operational Test & Evaluation

Client: Swiss MoD
Contract Date: 2007 – 2008

Contract Type:

14 month contract with the Swiss MoD with the following objectives:

  1. To reach Initial Operational Capability with optimised Interoperability (IO) between a Command and Control system (known as FLORAKO) and F/A-18
  2. To prove Swiss Link 16 operational and functional capabilities
  3. To acquire practical knowledge and experience in Link 16 operations
  4. To promote effective information exchange among all parties of the Swiss Link 16 community

Following on from their live System Acceptance Testing (SAT) the Swiss Air Force required to undergo Operational Test and Evaluation (OT&E) for their Command and Control (C2) system with the F/A-18 fighter. However, they wanted a structured OT&E series of tests, with test schedules prepared and all trials participants briefed, rather than a less informal set of tests that are typically performed during an OT&E phase.

Noting the work that 3SDL had conducted with all aspects of the testing phases during the project the Swiss Air Force approached 3SDL and asked for help in preparing test documentation, test design, test management, test execution, data analysis and reporting for the OT&E phase.

3SDL approached this task with the same enthusiasm and intensity as applied during the previous testing phases of the project. By listening to our customer, we quickly established what they wanted to test, not what we thought they wanted to test! By working together, we came up with the following set of trials that would effectively test the C2 system with the F/A-18 fighter:

  • 6 v 4 plus a high valued asset
  • Testing of the Exercise Moding of both platforms
  • Testing of MIDS/Link 16 voice capability and Mission Assignments
  • Offensive Counter Air vs Defensive Counter Air Mission
  • Reference Point processing and F/A-18 fighter functionality

We assisted our customer in managing a series of complex operational scenarios which resulted in the C2 operators and F/A-18 fighter pilots having improved operational knowledge of each other’s capabilities, as well as providing a springboard to where improvements in interoperability and system design could be made.


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