Case Study: Problem Evaluation Services (PES)

Client: UK MoD
Contract Date: 2009 – Present

Contract Type:

Ongoing 5 year service provision contract with the UK MoD that captures, manages and solves the UK’s Tactical Data Link problems across all 3 services and over 15 types of air, land and sea platform types.

Needs and Benefits:

Link 16 platforms rarely work according to plan. They often experience problems, particularly during operations. These problems need dealing with in a carefully co-ordinated manner or you risk causing even more serious problems. The UK has contracted a problem management service since the mid-90s. In 2009 they selected a team led by 3SDL to provide this service for a further 5 years.

3SDL’s entirely new collaborative work environment (based on MS Sharepoint) and their flexible and cost-effective pricing structure made their solution very attractive to the UK. 3SDL have already demonstrated significant savings for the UK whilst introducing a number of key enhancements. 3SDL is also able to offer this service to other nations.


Modern, integrated and networked information systems are often complex in nature. And this is rarely just the technology. Stakeholders can be varied and managing them can be very challenging. Some users can be at sea for many months; some can be in ditches or up mountains; and some can be in laboratories trying to develop new capabilities and software/hardware fixes. When one person’s solution becomes another person’s problem, the danger of internal friction and conflict is very high. We are experience in dealing with these challenges in a sensitive and effective manner. We empathise where others may simply chastise. In today’s environment, everybody is busy. It is real help people want, not hassle or excuses.

We also manage force majeure issues, such as such as changes frequency allocations, and enhancement programmes.

Over an 18 month period, our collaborative work environment has reduced the number of physical meetings significantly, leading to a 40% saving in cost compared to previous solutions. We have also enhanced the security and availability of the service for both military and civilian users. As well as providing technical and collaboration services, we can also test solutions and provide training to those who need it, when they need it. We also help with broader support strategies, policy development and contract negotiations.

Our innovative pricing model is based on a tapering of existing system problems over time. New platforms are accommodated under a formula that builds in new costs only where necessary. This approach allows our customers to adapt to emerging needs whilst not being hamstrung by contracts that only support yesterday’s problems. Savings of up to 50% are possible. And not just for short term gain.


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