TDL Network Management & Multi-terminal Architectures

Have you heard the term mentioned but are unsure as to the scope and breadth of this activity? Is your nation, like many others, struggling to come to terms with specifying or developing complex TDL Network Management (NM) multi-terminal architectures and/or support infrastructure(s)?

If so, you will be glad to know that we can assist you, as NM and multi-terminal architectures are one of our core areas of specialism - our experts have previously been in your situation too! They are former military network managers and network designers who understand the challenges that you currently face.

We will use our internationally recognised expertise to help you deliver the quality solution you need, on time and within your challenging budget.

We can provide you with essential technical support services in areas such as:

  • Understanding the range of NM and ND terminology and associated technical standards
  • Assessment and selection of NM and ND tools from those available across the global marketplace
  • NM scenario and CONOPS development
  • Development and assessment of requirements for multi-terminal NM architectures and infrastructures
  • Understanding electromagnetic spectrum and frequency management constraints and limitations
  • Development, enhancement and relaxation of Frequency Clearance Agreements (FCA) and Spectrum Management plans
  • Understanding the international dimensions of NM and ND
  • Development of NM techniques and operating procedures
  • ND validation and distribution processes


To find out how we can help you please contact Jon Prior or call him on +44(0)7917 623066.