TDL Platform Support, Technical Standards & Interoperability

Have you been tasked with assessing the suitability of a certain Tactical Data Link for a military platform? Are you already involved in upgrading a platform’s TDL implementation? Do you want to improve your TDL platform’s operational effectiveness and interoperability? If so, we can help you using our wide-ranging operational and technical experience in this field.

Tactical Data Link Platforms

Are you unsure as to what type of TDL your platform needs? We have extensive and current expertise in:

  • JTIDS / MIDS / Link 16
  • Link 22 and its predecessor Link 11
  • JREAP / MIL-STD-3011
  • VMF / MIL-STD-6017

We can provide you with essential technical support services such as:

  • Messaging standards and communications protocol selection
  • Message implementation development, documentation and assessment
  • Production of Interoperability (IO) documentation such as:
    • Platform Interoperability Requirement (PIR), Platform Requirements Difference Documents (PRDD), Platform Implementation Difference Documents (PIDD), Platform Requirements Specification (PRS) and Actual Platform Implementation Specification (APIS)
  • IO Evaluation and Assessment (IOE and IOA), using processes such as TULIP and iSMART
  • Test and Evaluation

We currently provide platform support to a number of clients including:

  • UK MOD Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) for:
    • Tactical Information Distribution Services Support Environment (TIDS SE) within the Problem Evaluation Services (PES) project - click here to see how we developed a novel solution to the UK’s PES requirement
    • NATO TDL Interoperability Test Syndicate (TDLITS) Website and Technical Secretariat support
  • Network Management System (NMS) Development and Sustainment Review Board (NDSRB) support forum for Link 16 Network Management software international users including:
    • Denmark
    • Norway
    • Sweden
    • Switzerland and...
    • Thales Air Operations
    • Click here to see some samples of NDSRB web pages


To find out how we can help you please contact Jon Prior or call him on +44(0)7917 623066.