Link 22 Foundation Course

Running: 16th - 17th July 2012

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Jonathan Burton

Jonathan Burton


Location: Malvern Hills Science Park

Geraldine Rd
WR14 3SZ

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Have you been posted in to a job that requires you to be familiar with Link 22 but have never dealt with it, or does your current knowledge simply need expanding or refreshing?

Whether you are an engineer, operator, project manager or merely curious, our Link 22 foundation course will help you understand the fundamentals of this new Data Link, as well as it operational uses.

We also run tailored Maritime Masterclasses which cover Link 22 in more depth.


Some complex issues which were delivered well. Good practical examples were very useful.

Subjects Covered

The aim of this 2-day foundation course is to help students to rapidly develop a basic understanding of the Link 22 Tactical Data Link (TDL). The course covers the history and development of the system, technical characteristics and its likely future operational usage. Instructors will also illustrate the benefits and limitations of this TDL when compared to other Data Links in current or planned use.

Subjects Covered

  • Capabilities.
  • Network architecture
  • Technical characteristics.
  • Integration issues.
  • Operational use.
  • Tactical messages and message processing.
  • Equipment and associated hardware.
  • Standards and interoperability.
  • Technical operations.
  • Network Management

Target Audience

Engineers, Operators, Procurement Staff, Policy Advisors, Academics & Researchers


2 Days