MIDS Link 16 Management and Design Course

Running: 12th - 13th June 2012

To apply for this course

Call: +44(0)7917623065Email: matt.may@3sdl.com


Jonathan Burton

Jonathan Burton



Jon Prior

Jon Prior


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Location: Malvern Hills Science Park

Geraldine Rd
WR14 3SZ

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Have you been posted in to a job that requires you to have MIDS Link 16 Network Management and Design knowledge?

Is the role within the operational network management/design environment or the procurement of equipment and systems to support military operators within this area?

Whether you are an Ab-initio Network Manager and or Network Designer, unit MIDS/JTIDS officer, systems engineer, project manager or equipment procurement staff, our course will help you understand the theoretical and practical aspects of MIDS/Link 16 Network Management and Design, covering the common terminology used and the various Network Management standards currently in use by the international MIDS/Link 16 community.

Subjects Covered

  • Refresher on MIDS/Link 16 fundamentals.
  • History of NM and ND Tools.
  • Architectural Planning.
  • Frequency Clearance Issues.
  • Network Design.
  • Pre-Mission Planning.
  • MIDS/Link 16 Platform Initialisation.
  • Operational Network Management:
    • Synchronisation.
    • Network Monitoring and Maintenance.
    • Connectivity Monitoring.
  • Operational Network Management Messages.
  • Recording and Analysis.
  • Network Management differences between NATO Europe and the US.
  • Future Challenges.


2 Days