MIDS Link 16 Foundation Course

Running: 23rd - 24th May 2012

To apply for this course

Call: +44(0)77920090173Email: ricki.gleeson@3sdl.com


'Dibble' Clark

'Dibble' Clark



Location: Malvern Hills Science Park

Geraldine Rd
WR14 3SZ

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The aim of the course is to help students to rapidly develop a basic understanding of the MIDS/Link 16 Tactical Data Link (TDL). The course covers the operational use of MIDS/Link 16 today as well as dispelling some of the myths surrounding the technology and the terminology used within the international community. Instructors also illustrate the benefits and limitations of this TDL when compared to other Data Links in current use.

Both Instructors 'related concepts and theory well by bringing in examples based on operational experience

Subjects Covered

  • History of MIDS/Link 16
  • MIDS Link 16 Terminology and capabilities
  • Comparison of MIDS/Link 16 with other TDLs
  • Operational applications and Technical Characteristics of MIDS/Link 16
  • MIDS Link 16 Terminals and Hardware
  • Standards and interoperability
  • MIDS/Link 16 Network Management
  • International interoperability and co-ordination challenges
  • Frequency Clearance issues

Target Audience

Government Engineers, System Developers, Operators, Integration Managers, Project Managers, Procurement Staff, Policy Advisors, Academics & Researchers


2 day course