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Imaginative Solutions to Operational Challenges 

We are true experts at the capability level across ISR, Space, Cyber, Data Links and Software & Systems Integration. We look beyond sensors, terminals and platforms to connect our clients with the data, skills and understanding they need.

Our Story
LATEST: We're cycling 450-miles in 16 stages, over 16 days to promote being Fit and Ready
3SDL Fit and Ready involves teams from our UK offices tackling a gruelling sponsored cycle along a virtual route from Malvern to Lincoln then Edinburgh, culminating in a live ride into 3SDL’s showcase at IDLS 2019. We’re doing this in support of MIND, a UK charity dedicated to providing advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem.

Find out more | Donate to Mind

Tactical Data Links

Our world-renowned TDL specialists provide the terminal, platform and network solutions needed for integrated C2 and situational awareness.


ISR & Space

Our unparalleled ISR and Space expertise enables true understanding, from emulating airborne capabilities to sensor integration, consultancy and operational services.



Our experienced Cyber Security practitioners help government and business customers to identify, prioritise and address Cyber vulnerabilities and risks.



Our exceptional in-house software engineers develop data analysis and visualisation systems from multiple sources at all levels of classification.

Our mission is to bring clarity to complex operational challenges, reduce risks and costs and enhance the front-line capabilities that deliver Defence and Security.

Managed Services

On-demand services and infrastructure allow quick, efficient, and cost effective deployment, letting you focus on tasks that matter.



Independent technical and operational advice to ensure smarter solutions in R&D, capability investment and system design and integration.


Training Programmes

Specialised course development and tailored delivery to provide the skills needed for effective C4ISR, Space and Cyber capabilities.


Software Development

Enhanced data integration and visualisation for operational decision support, system test and evaluation and live experimentation.

In Defence and Security, unprecedented
challenges and opportunities abound. Increased interoperability, reduced costs and a competitive pace of decision making require the integration of new and legacy capabilities, more autonomy, contracted managed services and faster, smarter data analytics. At 3SDL we have the vision, access to technology and skills to ensure our clients stay ahead.

Concepts + R&D

Our experienced operators and technical experts blend intellectual curiosity and appetite for innovation.


Cyber Resilience

We support both government and business customers by identifying, prioritising and addressing their Cyber risks.


Data Visualisation

Across information rich domains, the ability to capture, filter and present data stands-out as a source of advantage.



We offer a comprehensive set of tailorable, ready to go training packages providing immediate upskilling.

The culture and core values of imagination, adaptation and intellectual curiosity that drive 3SDL to deliver innovative solutions for our clients have been enhanced by changes to our management structure, office facilities and business focus. We continue to be a highly respected SME, with foundations built on trusting relationships with our staff, clients and industry partners.
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Fit and Ready starts Monday 7th October


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