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Client friend to MODs Cyber Vulnerability Investigation (CVI) Ops Cell

Posted on: 
June 19, 2018

3SDL has been supporting the Ministry of Defence in developing its understanding of existing and potential cyber vulnerabilities.

This understanding has been used to identify and prioritise resultant cyber risks, and enable leaders to improve cyber risk management practices.

Through our customer friend role, 3SDL has supported the delivery of over 60 vulnerability assessments in line with the MODs Cyber Vulnerability Investigation (CVI) approach.

Working with industry and stakeholders across the Defence enterprise we have supported the MOD by:

• Helping govern CVI delivery including the selection and prioritisation of systems of interest

• Defining the scope of studies, including using Open Source Intelligence techniques to capture available information

• Project Managing a broad range of deliveries from multiple suppliers across multiple commercial contracts and working with stakeholders across Defence.

• Providing Cyber Security experts to technically assure industry deliveries, supporting and coaching providers where appropriate.

• Adopting a continuous learning approach, with ongoing improvements for CVI delivery.

• Reporting consolidated views of Cyber risks and potential mitigations to key stakeholders.

Our support to the MOD has resulted in a better understanding of cyber vulnerabilities across Defence, with a commensurate improvement in cyber resilience and cyber risk management.

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