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NATO Joint ISR Training Courses

Posted on: 
December 19, 2018

Since 2014, 3SDL have been providing four 2 week ISR training courses each year for NATO students at the Ramstein Air HQ in Germany. These courses meet HQ AIRCOM’s challenge to upskill ISR international staff in NATO’s approach to Air Component-level ISR operations. This training is vital to creating the baseline of skills and understanding needed across the Alliance to deliver effective ISR support that meets the latest commander’s intent, utilises the vast range of technologies and capabilities available to NATO and enables the integration of ISR processes and procedures at the Joint tactical level – for Air, Land, Maritime and Space environments.

3SDL’s approach blends formal classroom teaching with syndicate work and practical exercises that are continually improved through interaction with the training sponsor; this is tailored for the multinational environment to  accentuate the contribution of individuals rather than highlight differences between their experience and perspectives. We use qualified instructors that are either recently retired military or current Armed Forces reserves and this ensures training that is both experiential across operations, acquisition and capability development and compliant with the rigorous standards set by national training authorities. With up to 20 students per course, our instructors have to show the flexibility and dynamism needed to deliver inclusive and pragmatic learning that often goes beyond specific training objectives and they have to adapt to short-notice changes created by lessons from current NATO operations. We teach our students based on real-time doctrine and experience, not historic analysis and concepts that have been overtaken by real-world events.

Over 300 NATO students have been through our Joint ISR training courses. This has directly improved the quality of ISR operational support delivered by the NATO Air HQ at Ramstein and cemented our position as the chosen supplier of this type of blended training and assessment over many years. We have only achieved this by ensuring our training is fresh, relevant and tailored to meet the demands of international military students and current operational concepts and doctrine. Our feedback is universally positive focussing on the exceptional quality of our instructors and the comprehensive coverage of our courses across ISR strategies, plans, operations and intelligence assessment at the practitioner level.