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Investigation of Cyber Vulnerabilities in MOD Systems

Posted on: 
June 19, 2018

3SDL supported the investigation of Cyber Vulnerabilities in MOD systems.  

Using a tailored version of the MOD’s Cyber Vulnerability Investigation (CVI) methodology, the 3SDL team has conducted a number of investigations.

In each of these we combined our engineering, operational and cyber security expertise to build a comprehensive understanding of the subject systems, how they worked, and where Cyber played a critical part in delivering military outcomes. Key to our success was the close and continuous engagement with stakeholders across the enterprise, ensuring consideration of all aspects of the system, including people and processes, as well as technology.

Our deliveries included comprehensive modelling, and detailed reports highlighting vulnerabilities, likely attack paths and commensurate risks.

The clear identification of risks and potential impacts has enabled key decision makers to better understand their cyber vulnerabilities, improve organisational cyber resilience and manage cyber risks.

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