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Our pedigree and track record in providing Data Link solutions to Defence and Security clients is second-to-none. From requirements and standards to system design and operational management, we ensure that Data Links deliver the picture that decision makers require.


Consultancy Support to Enduring Capability Provision

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Full Life-cycle System-of-Systems Engineering

3SDL's Systems Engineers support the full lifecycle of TDL capability development and beyond into enduring through life support. From pre-Concept creation of ideas, requirements capture and standards development to system design and acceptance we have the expertise and experience that makes the difference. Our track record is unparalleled, we’ve helped NATO continue to exploit the interoperability benefits of TDLs, and many other countries maximise the value of their investment in TDLs.

Not sure what your TDL options are, or the potential advantages of investing in new capability?

Operational Concept development and Options Analysis

3SDL is at the forefront of TDL thought leadership. Our investment appraisal work on national programmes in the UK and our support to Data Links Review Boards and NATO Custodian Support Teams keeps our advice fresh and relevant. We develop concepts and options that address the requirements of Link 16 Modernisation, the challenges of multi-link integration and the bandwith demands of ISR dissemination. Our analysis seeks an optimal balance across the operational, acquisition and interoperability frameworks that shape our client’s Data Link capabilities.

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Military Communications Network Design and Management

We have invaluable experience of the priorities and pressures of real-time Data Link operational network management drawn from our involvement in multiple operations. We have lived every facet of Network Design and Management from developing and supporting the key tools, including as Design Authority, through to managing complex multi-Data Link networks on live operations. Our team have the hard won experience to help you maximise the advantages of your TDLs.

Does your project require support from technical TDL experts?

Technical Consultancy

We deliver independent technical advice to our clients, drawn from unprecedented defence and security experience. We have provided technical advice to a diverse range of Data Link and Combat Identification programmes; supporting multiple integration projects across a number of nations. Much of it centred around participating in and leading numerous Data Links trials/exercises in the UK, Europe and the US. Our experts provide the deeper understanding that leads to smarter solutions.

Expert Led Training

Do you need to develop your team’s TDL understanding?

Whole career development

Our training pedigree, along with our extensive technical expertise and operational experience, enables 3SDL to deliver what your ‘front-line’ needs. From Ab-Initio students through current leaders to your future; from engineers to aircrew, 3SDL has the trainers and the material to make the right development intervention that your personnel need to help them realise their potential. Our experts already deliver training across the globe covering all aspects of modern Data Links and helping our partners develop their critical skills.


UK Ministry of Defence Link 16 Sustainment and Modernisation Investment Appraisal

UK Defence SACC DT

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