Summer Cyber Graduate

This job was posted on: 
January 16, 2019

3SDL is looking for a highly motivated and passionate Summer Cyber graduate. We are looking for a candidate in either College or University who is wanting to gain some experience in Cyber Security.

The Successful individual will cover a wide range of projects within the cyber sector. The main responsibilities will include supporting colleagues with the technical modelling of complex systems to aid cyber investigation processes.

Candidates should show some of the following qualities, with a view to further develop particular areas of expertise:

·        Ability to collaborate and work in a team environment effectively;

·        Ability to grasp concepts quickly;

·        Insightful analysis of information;

·        Understanding of Cyber Security aspects;

·        Ability to engage with clients and stakeholders;

·        Excellent verbal communication and presenting skills;

·        Enthusiasm to develop Cyber Security knowledge

Desired experience and skills include:

·        Cyber/ Security modules completed at university;

·        Previous work experience relevant to your degree of study is preferred

·        UK driving licence

In order to be successful in this position candidates have to be prepared to undergo UK government security vetting to gain security clearance and therefore will require a UK citizenship. Candidates should also have a full driving licence and sign the Official Secrets Act 1989. To apply, send your CV to