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3SDL’s September company day a fantastic success!

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October 4, 2018

Whilst company day has been a core part of 3SDL’s training calendar since the very beginning of 3SDL in 2005; last week marked a significant moment for the business as the first multi-office company day with strong attendance from both the Malvern and Lincoln offices.

Rapid expansion in both offices means there have been a lot of new faces recently, and there was no better way to get everyone acquainted than a team “treasure hunt” from Malvern to Worcester, arranged by Bill Adsett the Cyber Team Leader. On the way our abilities were tested to the limit, with requirements ranging from getting as close to Space as possible and dressing up a team member, to street entertainment, finding the heaviest object we could for £1, and taking “selfies” with Worcester giraffes (which turned out to have been removed several days before the hunt). After we had walked several miles, got to know our colleagues better, and our Fitbits were all very impressed, we headed for a well-deserved barbecue and karaoke evening.

The next day nearly all the company got together at the Open Space meeting rooms in Malvern, for an interactive session led by Mark Barmby from the Growth and Marketing team, on recognising business opportunities and the importance of presenting ourselves as 3SDL experts. Everybody left the session feeling more confident and optimistic about meeting new people and recognising where 3SDL can help solve client problems. It was also a chance for Managing Director Matt May to lead celebration of recent successes and growth of the company, as well as give updates on changes since the last company day and a vision for the future. Matt said: “Team building days reflect a core aspect of our 3SDL values, to be ‘A Team’ rather than a disparate group of experts. 3SDL continues to invest in personal and collective training as it is crucial to our continued success.”

There was some great feedback about the day and how it was very useful, particularly from our newer staff who are just embarking on their careers. Joshua Richardson-Noyes, Junior Software Engineer said: “I found it quite inspiring, especially for someone so new to working life, so thank you! That’s definitely helped improve my confidence around the office and in front of others.”

So what did we learn from the 3SDL September company day?

  • The most important part of our business is our people, they are what make 3SDL stand out, and we always want to show that to the people we meet.
  • It’s incredibly important to be able to concisely tell somebody what you do, and what your company does, without resorting to a sales pitch.
  • Opportunities can come from the most unexpected places. Just by talking less, and listening more, you can find out what challenges somebody may be facing that you might be able to help with.
  • Always be thinking outside of the box, how can a problem be solved creatively? Where giraffes are gone, Google images is your friend…

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