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3SDL’s TDL Test and Readiness Service

Why choose KILTER

Save time, cost and reduce risk

KILTER enables an organisation to technically, and therefore financially, de-risk a Link 16 Modernisation upgrade by providing iterative test assurances, increasing supplier confidence of achieving a successful delivery and operational evaluation outcome.

Our team’s specialist testing knowledge, experience and training minimises (and could eliminate) the need for a supplier to otherwise expend significant effort and cost in planning and engaging in their own extensive testing training in principles, and on test product familiarisation, and all without the benefit of the necessary experience.

Proven Experience

3SDL has a depth and breadth of Link 16 testing knowledge and experience gained over many years of engineering and operational test support, and in recent years more specifically with Link 16 Modernisation. We also benefit from long-standing relationships with some of the TDL community’s most recognised and trusted suppliers of proven Link 16 test support tools. The value, agility and reliability we can bring to your modernisation program through KILTER are unrivalled.

Sharing your risks, controlling your costs
KILTER, 3SDL’s TDL Test and Readiness Service is a radical, cost-effective and highly flexible approach to Tactical Data Link (TDL) testing. A cohesive service that encompasses a comprehensive array of engineering assurance and operational evaluation testing which comprises specialist People, proven Process and world class Tools, KILTER offers a deployable, scalable and integrated testing capability, only when you need it.
what makes kilter


Dedicated Link 16 specialists:

  • Knowledgeable and experienced MIDS/Link 16 Systems Engineers’
  • Current detailed knowledge of MIDS LVT (BU1 and BU2), MIDS JTRS, KOR-24A STT, BATS-D Terminal types.
  • Provision of guidance and advice regarding Link 16 platform/system modernisation, upgrades and associated testing and assurance needs
  • Knowledgeable and experienced ex-military operators of Link 16 platforms/systems
  • Provision of guidance and advice regarding Link 16 Operational Test & Evaluation assurance needs


Processes, procedures and standards covering:

  • Knowledge and application of Systems Engineering IEEE standards and V-model approach to assurance test planning, methodologies, readiness, conduct, data capture, analysis, evaluation and reporting
  • Operational support to the planning, conduct, data capture, analysis and reporting of Link 16 Trials, Exercises and Operational Test & Evaluation activities
  • Detailed knowledge of NATO STANAGs and US MIL-STDs for Link 16 and other TDLs
  • Understanding and experience of using NATO Standard Operational Procedures and other Allied Publications


Principal capabilities of our suite of world class tools:

  • Network planning
  • Network design
  • Terminal initialisation data preparation
  • Terminal initialisation (inc. control, status monitoring and data recording; also for multiple Terminals on a concurrent basis)
  • Terminal interface emulation (including Host and Support port)
  • Terminal simulation (also multiple Terminals)
  • Host emulation
  • Platform simulation
  • Network simulation
  • Recorded data reduction and analysis

Test artefacts

Comprehensive database of:

  • Test scenarios
  • Test scripts
  • Test Network Designs
  • Capability to plan and produce bespoke Test Network
    Designs if required
  • Initialisation Data Loads (IDLs)

If you would like to discuss your service or training requirements with us in more detail, please complete the enquiry form below and a member of our team will call or email you as soon as possible.

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