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Need support with your Command, Control, Communications and Computers (C4)? Experiencing issues with what you require from your Battle Management (BM) project? Then you will appreciate the support provided by 3SDL. A majority of our team are drawn from military backgrounds and have consummate operational experience in C4 and BM. We have a proven track record in applying this experience and expertise across the concept demonstrator, design/operational test and evaluation, exercise and operational arenas.

We have the ability to facilitate your pathway to operational success, aptly demonstrated by our continued work in Empire Challenge. 3SDL staff have been operating in pivotal C4/BM roles since 2009, having first taken part in this key ISR event in 2006, and every year since!

We also have experience in whole-life support of technology demonstration projects including the design and execution of the programme’s C4/BM requirements. Thus, if you need motivated, qualified, security cleared personnel to resolve any issues that are affecting you or your project, contact us on 01684 878 170 or fill out our enquiry form below.


Success Story

Command and Control System: Test & Evaluation
Client: Swiss MoD
Contract Date: 2007 – 2008

3SDL is known in the market place to provide cost-effective, truly independent advice to our clients and therefore were approached by the Swiss MoD to see if we could help them in achieving their goals.

The Swiss Air Force embarked on a programme to integrate MIDS/Link 16 into the F/A-18 fighter and a Command and Control (C2) system (known as FLORAKO), and required help in establishing a strategy to manage the testing of interoperability to support the effective introduction of Swiss MIDS/Link 16 TDL operations.

Taking an innovative approach, we introduced IO testing with live assets during the formal System Acceptance Testing (SAT) phase of the Command and Control system. This had never been conducted before on any Tactical Data Link (TDL) project, as IO was usually conducted as a paper-based exercise at this stage of a TDL program. Our client had high expectations, the contractor had reservations! We successfully argued on behalf of our client that if a system is mature enough to undergo a formal SAT then surely it must be mature enough to test with live assets.

Introducing the live testing during formal SAT resulted in approximately 120 observations being raised on the C2 system, the FA-18 and IO testing in general, with many of the observations resulting in Problem Reports being submitted on the C2 system. This meant that our client vastly reduced the risk on their Link 16 capability before entering service, as the issues both system and IO, were discovered earlier in the program than expected, thus saving them both time and money on their product.

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